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Marca Horizontal Cor

The Tamayo Culture, Values and Behavior Research Group assembles researchers and professionals from several institutions and it is based at Universidade de Brasília. It aims to conduct national and cross-cultural researches related to the development of theoretical models about the relationship between human values, attitudes and behaviors in social and organizational contexts. We are especially interested in investigating organizational ethics, including ethical behavior, ethical leadership, ethical context, and well-being. It also develops studies to comprehend the Brazilian culture.

The group has focused on organizing the national scientific production, forming researchers and publishing the scientific production about the theme to the general public. The group’s investigations aim to contribute to the development of social and organizational policies and practices aligned with individuals’ values, besides developing more effective strategies of behavior change.

This group has its origin on the Alvaro Tamayo’s research group. He was one of the greatest Brazilian researchers on human values, responsible for introducing this theme in Brazil and forming many of today’s researchers and members of research groups. Therefore, in honor of this great master and in recognition and acknowledgement for his lessons, the group has incorporated its surname.